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Post  Noahx3 on Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:52 am

±ShatteredGunZ Ingame Rules±
These are the rules to ShatteredGunZ, the staff and the members expect you to follow these rules very
carefully. Breaking these rules will lead to severe consiquences such as a ban or a mute depending
on what rule you broke. These rules will be updated regularly.

Failure to read or accept these rules can be punishable and you will have no excuse for the staff
and players to Punish/report you.

±General Rules±
.Respect all the staff and members, this is ment to be a fun and enjoyable game, please keep it that way.
.Cheating is not acceptable, anyone caught using .dll injectors, bugs, macros or any program that gives players an unfair
advantage over people will be punished depending on what you use.
.If you find a player using a bug/hack report immediately to any staff members or, post a couple of pictures/videos
to report a player section in the forums.
.Donators help keep this server up and running, harassment to these people is inappropriate in-game or in forums,
these people are just like you and deserve the respect as everyone else does.
.Keep your user and password hidden! Rawrgunz staff will never ask for your user and password so dont be fooled!
.Your actions defy what happens to your account, do not lend your account or give any details away to anyone.

±Ingame chat±
You are not aloud to do any of the following statements in-game or in forums.

.Do not use swear words or any inappropriate language in-game or on forums, we have young members here to!
.Racial, sexual abuse, spam and inappropriate comments are forbidden.
.Spamming ( repeating the same sentence over and over to get attention or to interfere with other text)
.Flaming (messages that are purposely hostile or insulting to others)
.Faking tags (or other tags not suitable for ShatteredGunZ players)
.Spamming Gm's for free stuff, events and help is forbidden - just wait until they reply.
.Do not beg anyone for anything
.Don't spam and discuss about who's hacking and who's not, if you have proof post it in player report section on forums.
.Talking about/sharing any types of hacks/cheats/bugs and macros.
.If your going to settle an argument, do it in private. Nobody you to spoil their game with arguments.
.Inappropriate, religious, racial, spam or inappropriate humour that the people of the server do not wish to listen to
does not need to be said.

The following rules are not aloud on the ShatteredGunZ server.

.Using bugs/hacks to give a palyer an unfair advantage over everyone is not aloud.
.Killing a player lots of times to get free xp is not aloud (Swapping)
.File editing, this means you cannot edit any of the server files to give you an unfair advantage
over people.
.All characters names must agree to the character policy.
.Any bugs or cheat attempt to change your stats on your : Armour, Weapons, HP and AP.
.Using macros/Aimbots to auto-attack for you is not allowed.

Please use the new forums at
It'll soon have a domain. Wink

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